Choosing the right name for your brand can be more complicated than you might think. Actually it is not that difficult. Did you know there are several tricks that you can use for it? We’ll show you some of them here to make you reflex and think.

Why make things difficult? Just combine some words that you have a personal feeling with, or even better; that you think your public has a special feeling with.  Famous examples of combining names, that make you wonder how they came up with it..

    • Bluetooth.. uhm. okay that was an easy one, but make a hell of a brand name.
    • Facebook.. yeah, makes sense of course.
    • Dreamworks
    • Starbucks
    • Brandluck

The thing is that anything can work for your business as long as you maintain some basic rules. It depends on how well the brand is perceived by your target customers. They are at the end the ones that make or break your brand thoughts. It is obvious that you’ll need to be creative for this and please, try to be objective in your choices otherwise you might up with names that you consider great but have no acceptance on the market, so our best tip in some occasions it: set aside your ego.

A brand name is not always the one you like best but the one that has the highest acceptance. Should you be needing an objetive advice, we can help.

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